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Pastoral Support

At Ash Green we understand that children can face difficult times in their lives such as, loss, bereavement, parental separation, friendship issues etc…these can create several barriers to learning and in turn have an impact on their wellbeing. At Ash Green we are committed to meeting these needs alongside the academic needs and so have a wide range of Interventions and strategies to support them.

Referrals for pastoral support can come from a wide range of sources. School staff, parents/carers and other professionals can share concerns about a child or group of children. Each month our IPT (Inclusion and Progress Team) meet to discuss referrals on a individual basis and work together to create an action plan of what support, if any can be offered within the school day. Pastoral interventions can work towards reducing barriers to learning and therefore enhance the wellbeing of children and continue to ensure that they thrive in school.

As a school we are very fortunate to employ a full-time pastoral lead (Mrs Bowers) who works across both sites as well as utilising the services of outside agencies such as Noah’s Ark and local Art Therapists.