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An 'Ash Green Lesson'

At Ash Green, all lessons adhere to a standardised structure, ensuring parity across the board. Teaching staff have been trained by senior leaders to follow a structure to give our children the best possible quality of education.

Our lesson structure is as follows:

  1. Recap and Prior Learning:
    • At the start of every lesson, a Notebook/PowerPoint slide presents key questions revisiting prior knowledge, encompassing the previous lesson, week, term, and year group. Examples:
      • Maths: Flashback 4
      • Geography: Sticky 6

  2. Learning Objective and Context:
    • Introduce the learning objective, connecting it to the Learning Journey, Working Wall, classroom environment and Knowledge Organisers (where relevant).
    • Clearly define subject-specific skills/knowledge to be acquired during the lesson.

  3. Key Vocabulary Exploration:
    • Introduce, display and discuss essential vocabulary relevant to the lesson.

  4. Teacher-Led Input and Assessment:
    • Deliver the main content, embedding Assessment for Learning opportunities throughout.
      • Teach and model new concepts
      • Facilitate group and paired discussions
      • Implement adaptive learning with formative assessment tools such as Talk Partner, group discussions, whiteboards (WBs), "show me" activities, and wave plenaries.

  5. Lesson Conclusion and Consolidation:
    • Conduct a plenary session to reinforce learning, revisiting the learning objective and key vocabulary.

Additional Considerations:

  • Formative Assessment: Adjust the lesson's trajectory based on ongoing assessments, addressing misconceptions through Live Marking, pacing, and adapting groupings or teacher/TA roles.
  • Behavioural Expectations: Maintain high standards of behaviour, reinforcing links to Class Dojo and the Behaviour Board.
  • Inclusive Education: Cater to all abilities, including those with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND).
  • Team Deployment: Ensure effective utilisation of teaching and support assistants.